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Customer service is our passion; your health is our priority!


Our vision is that all patients that come through our doors will be empowered to lead healthy, meaningful, and productive lives among friends, relatives, and neighbors regardless of their physiological or behavioral health needs. 


We particularly intend to guide our patients’ path from prevention to recovery by providing holistic and person-centered health care services to those with substance use disorder and/or other co-occurring mental health disorders so that they may reach their full potential in health and wellness, ultimately improving our patient outcomes. No patient shall be denied access to care. | Friendly Young Doctor | Blood Samples


Alpha Health Services LLC is an integrated stand-alone primary care practice located in New Orleans. It opened its door for services on 1st of October 2019 with a goal of providing medical, psychiatric, and behavioral health services in a single location. It is strategically located in the Algiers area of the west bank and aims to serve patients from the Gretna, Tarrytown, Harvey, and Algiers geographical areas of New Orleans.


The practice staff is composed of seven members, these include five clinical staff (one psychiatrist, one internist, two NPs and one RN) and two administrative staff. The staff maintain a balance of perspectives and a dedication to Alpha Health’s vision. 


Our goal is to streamline service delivery and to improve the quality of care of patients whom we serve. Along with traditional clinic services, such as evaluation, treatment, and medication management, we provide various other services through contract providers, such as behavioral therapy, case management, crisis intervention, vocational training, housing supports, amongst others.


With the advent of COVID-19 and the mitigative measures of social and physical distancing recommended by CDC, we have expanded our Telehealth services as alternative treatment delivery methods.

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